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Monday, April 14:
     An Overview of the BEPCII Project (2 MB)
C. Zhang
     The Second Phase Commissioning of BEPCII (2.5 MB)
J. Q. Wang
     Beam Dynamics Studies in the BEPCII Storage Rings (1.8 MB)
Qing Qin
     Overview of the Beam Dynamics Study in CESR (2 MB)
A. Temnykh
     PEP-II Status (1.8 MB)
M. Sullivan
     Upgrade plan of KEKB (2.6 MB)
Y. Ohnishi
Tuesday, April 15:
     Overview of Beam Dynamics Studies at DAFNE (6.2 MB)
M. Zobov
     Crab-Waist experiment results (4.4 MB)
C. Milardi
     Electron-positron collider VEPP-2000 commissioning (2.5 MB)
Yu. Shatunov
     Commissioning of crab cavity system (3.1 MB)
K. Nakanishi
     Beam-beam effects in crab crossing and crab waistscheme in KEKB (2.5 MB)
K. Ohmi
     Collective Beam-Beam Instabilities of Bunches with Tunespreads (0.2 MB)
D. V. Pestrikov
     Round Colliding Beams at VEPP-2000 (1.2 MB)
E. Perevedentsev
     BEPCII/BESIII Background Study (4.6 MB)
C. Zhang
     The design and realization of interaction region for BEPCII (2.2 MB)
C. H. Yu
     Optics analysis of BEPCII using orbit response matrix (1.8 MB)
Q. Qin
     Trends in fast feedback R&D (1 MB)
A. Drago
     BEPCII Transverse Feedback System (0.7 MB)
Yue Junhui
Wednesday, April 16:
     The SuperB Project (3 MB)
M. A. Giorgi
     SuperB Accelerator Overview and Lattice (2.9 MB)
M. E. Biagini
     Design of the QD0 for SuperB IR (7.8 MB)
E. Paoloni
     Touschek effect: DAFNE, DAFNE crab waist and SUPERB (2.1 MB)
M. Boscolo
     Beam-Beam Resonances for Different Collision Schemes (7.7 MB)
D. Shatilov
     Longitudinally polarized electrons in SuperB (0.2 MB)
I. A. Koop
     Problem of the Beam-Beam depolarization effect in super dense colliding beams (0.7 MB)
S. Nikitin
     Damping Ring Issues (4 MB)
S. Guiducci
     High precision beam energy measurement at VEPP-4M (1 MB)
N. Muchnoi
     The project of Super-ct-factory with Crab Waist in Novosibirsk (1.3 MB)
E. Levichev
     Interaction region of ct-project (0.2 MB)
A. Bogomyagkov
     Dynamic Aperture Optimization (0.7 MB)
P. Piminov

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